Thursday, March 07, 2013

Genii's Back With New MV


 For the first time ever we get to see the new Genii all together in a music video with the release of "Hou Thun Jao Dee". The now four member girl group consists of former members Ey and Ching along with two new comers Mui and Mee.

Although we miss Thip as a member, the new Genii proves to us with this video that they are still amazing! They are cuter than ever sporting a number of fashionable outfits throughout their music video.

Overall we're quite impressed by the professional quality of the video. We are able to see each member clearly through he head shots. Check out "Hou Thun Jao Dee" below!

Hou Thun Jao Dee
Indee Records

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