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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New R&B Song by Johnny

R&B singer Johnny A, has released a new single entitled "Khon Aow Tae Jai". The single features soulful vocals also accompanied by soft techno beats. 

"Khon Aow Tae Jai" is a song about a guy who is overprotected to his girlfriend. Where ever she goes she has to let him know. The reason why he is like this is because he loves her too much. He doesn't want to lose her. 

Listen to "Khon Aow Tae Jai" below through a lyric video released by the artist himself!

Johnny A. feat. Yuk
Khon Aow Tae Jai

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Genii's Back With New MV


 For the first time ever we get to see the new Genii all together in a music video with the release of "Hou Thun Jao Dee". The now four member girl group consists of former members Ey and Ching along with two new comers Mui and Mee.

Although we miss Thip as a member, the new Genii proves to us with this video that they are still amazing! They are cuter than ever sporting a number of fashionable outfits throughout their music video.

Overall we're quite impressed by the professional quality of the video. We are able to see each member clearly through he head shots. Check out "Hou Thun Jao Dee" below!

Hou Thun Jao Dee
Indee Records

Boxer 'Pai Gun Bor Wai'


 Rock band Boxer, who recently made a transition to Indee Records, has released a new heart break song called "Pai Gun Bor Wai".

The ballad is about a troubled relationship that is about to end. Because both sides are no longer able to understand one another, it causes them to be able to feel any love. The longer they wait the more they will hurt so the only solution to do is to break up.

Catch the new single by Boxer below through their new lyric video that they released onto Youtube!

Pai Gun Bor Wai
Indee Records

Saturday, February 23, 2013

JoJo Debuts His Music Video


 Rookie singer to Indee Records JoJo has released his music video for his debut single, "Huk Gun Wun Nee".   The video was released just a day ahead of valentines perfect for the special love day.

His music video tells a story of Jojo and a girl. At the beginning of the video we see that things arent going too well with the couple. They are seen having an argument of some sort.

As time goes by the nang ek start to think back in time about the things they did when they were still a couple. Little by little she begins to miss him.

 One day she goes to eat out alone and she sees a couple getting all lovey dovey and she realizes how much she really does miss her boyfriend. She runs halfway across town over the bridge where she finds him looking towards the horizon. He surprises with her with flowers and a ring!


Huk Gun Wun Nee
Indee Records

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tommy Master Debuts Music Video

New debut solo artist known as "Tommy Master" has premiered his debut first single entitled "Khon Bor Sum Khun".  Tommy is signed to BN Entertainment. What makes Tommy unique from most Lao singers is his soulful R&B voice that is soothing to hear.

The video tells a story about a young lady who, in the beginning of the video, is dumped by her boyfriend. She is left heartbroken. She is seen taking pregnancy tests throughout the video and the results say that she's pregnant. 

She's unsure why her boyfriend broke up with her out of the blue so she tries to call him numerous of times. At one point her boyfriends other "girlfriend" picks up the phone and both are clueless of who each other are. 

Little does she know that the girl who picked up is the girl that her now ex-boyfriend is going to marry. We find out about the wedding when the pha'ek hands the girl a wedding invitation.

 Tommy Master
Khon Bor Sum Khun
BN Entertainment 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Super One's "I Own You" Premieres


 After what felt like an eternity of a wait, the full length official music video for the long awaited "I Own You" from Super One has finally premiered on Youtube!

Super One has kept it nice and simple with this video. It features lots of flashy dance moves and fancy expensive cars. They even slipped in a few Michael Jackson moves to pay tribute to the king of pop.

In between those dance moves and cars was a little story about Super One and his not so loyal girlfriend. He catches her cheating with another guy but he's neutral about it. Why? Because he also has a "side" girlfriend.

The song is all about ownage, or being owned. His girlfriend may have cheated on him with another guy but Super One is way ahead of her because he himself has already had another girl from the beginning.

Super One
I Own You
Lao Pride Records

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kai Overdance Releases New MV

Just a few days ago we caught a glimpse of Kai's comeback single "Ya Sum Khun Toh Eng" from a teaser that was released onto Youtube. Good news today, the full length video has just premiered!

In the video we get to see a story that focuses on two couples. Kai is also seen in the music video in a beautiful bright red dress. 

The story sets on a guy and a girl who both are the nerdy type. One day a beautiful girl comes along and flirts with the pa'ek. She takes his glasses off trying to give him a make over. He then starts to fall in love with her charms. The nang ek catches all this while it is happening and she is not too happy. She walks away from him and sits outside where then another guy comes along. 

Before any of this happened, you can see that the nang ek gave the pa'ek a necklace with a heart on it as a gift. Guess what he does to it? He gives it away to that new girl that flirted with him. Messed up right?

Watch Kai's new music video below!

Kai Overdance
Ya Sum Kun Toh Eng
Indee Records

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GB2 Duo Reveals Debut MV

The new duo to the music scene from PMK Records has revealed the full length music video to their debut single, 'Kid Jum Gud Kong Khuam Jeb'.

The boys showcase their dance moves in various scenes in the music video with out door scenes and inside with flashy cool lights. 

Also included in the video is a story of a guy who catches his girlfriend cheating on him. He finds her walking around the block one day with another guy. When he tries to call her and find out what's going on all she does is ignores his calls.

In the end he finds her with the guy she's cheating on him with. Things get ugly when the two guys yanks her towards each other. OUCH! Finally the guy breaks up with her in the end and moves on with another girl.

PMK Records

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kai Releases MV Teaser

The teaser video to Kai Overdance's music video has been released! The story line focuses on a girl who is the 'nerdy' school type who seems to have two guys falling for her. Not much can be understood from the quick 21 seconds of the video. 

Kai is seen near the end of the clip in a beautiful white dress but we aren't able to catch a glimpse of her face. Check out the music video teaser below!
Kai Overdance
Ya Sum Khun Toh Eng (MV Teaser)
Indee Records

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Genii's Back With A New Single

Girl group Genii has released their first single with their new members after former member Thip took a hiatus to pursue other opportunities. Their new song from the now four member group is called "Hou Thun Jao Dee".

Unlike their previous releases, this song is an upbeat song. It is about a guy who think he can make a girl like him by being super sweet to them but the girl knows well that he's just playing. 

Hou Thun Jao Dee

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Alexandra Will "Love You Forever"


 Alexandra Bounxouei is returning to her pop roots with her new song, "Huk Jao Talod Pai", meaning "I will Love You Forever". Fans of Alexandra will be happy to hear that this new song is similar to the style that she  had when she released her debut album.

"Huk Jao Talod Pai" is a beautiful ballad about cherishing the love that she has. She's missing the person that she calls her love and wants him to know that she will love him forever.

Listen to Alexandra's new single for the 2013 year below!

Alexandra Bounxouei
Huk Jao Talod Pai