About Us

About LaoPop4u

LaoPop4u is a music blog that was created in 2009 in hopes that it would help improve the music industry and encourage more artists to put more effort in their work. 

Originally intended for pop music only, LaoPop4u has grown and widened to include all genres in Lao music such as rap, hip-hop, r&b, and rock. 

We have been gaining support from many Lao from all around the world such as from the United States, France, Australia, and more. 

In 2011, Lao singer "B" helped promote our blog onto Lao Star TV on the program "Zoom Zoom Variety" by encouraging his fans to visit our blog. 

The Author

I am a 21 year old student studying Digital Photography in Houston, Texas. I enjoy anything that deals with digital arts such as Photoshop, web designing, After Effects, photography, Illustrator, etc. 

I first got introduced to this new generation of Lao music in 2008 when I stumbled upon a Youtube video of one of the earliest Lao music acts, L.O.G. Since then I've been following the progress of our music industry.

In the future, I would love to work and take part in developing the music industry in Laos. 

My Personal blog: http://aibip.tumblr.com/