Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Super One's Debut Music Video

"Sing Neung Tee Yark Khor" MV Review

Super One’s first single, “Sing Nueng Tee Yark Khor” has made its debut into the music scene. This is his first solo single with Lao Pride Records. 

The song is about someone wishing to love, take care, and protect the person he/she loves most and that's it. Due to the time away from one another, everything seems to have changed between the lovers and there’s a possibility of a third wheel in the relationship.

In the music video, it’s apparent that the couple is having relationship problems because the guy thinks his girlfriend is seeing someone else. What’s really going on is that the girl is hiding her illness because she wants him to follow his dreams and the supposedly third wheel is actually her doctor. She thinks that she could be preventing him from reaching his goals.

At the end there is a flashback of some scenes, the girl dies, and he receives a letter from her telling him to keep going with what he’s doing and never stop believing in his dreams. He then states that his only dream was to be with her.

Super One also shows off his dance skills all throughout the video both with a girl and by himself.

I enjoyed the music video a lot because of the storyline and how it played out, but the song needs a little bit more work. It was hard to make out some of the words because of the way he enunciates his words. He sort of reminds me of Taeyang from Big Bang with his style, but I think he’ll be quite popular in the Lao music industry because it’s something different from what we’re used to seeing.

It was also very ironic that the characters names were "Sing" (nang-aek) and "Neung" (pha-aek). Just reading the song title it made me chuckle a bit.

Super One 
Song: Sing Neung Tee Yark Khor
Lao Pride Records

Translation of narration

Doctor Pae: Sing fark jot mai sabub nee hai gub jao
            Sing has issued this letter for you

Sing:  Ta Neung dai hub jot mai sabub nee jark mor pae 
If you have recieved this letter from doctor Pae

Sing kong ja bor mee sivit yoo eek leo
Then I will not have a life anymore

Neung torng pai taam kwam fun khong Neung
You must go and reach your dreams

Ya tim khuam fun khong ton eng por sing leuay
Do not throw away your dreams because of me

Siwid kong hao mun sun nor
Our lives are very short, isn't it?

Sia dai... Sing bor dai yoo gub neung jon hod meu nun
Such pity... I cannot be with you until that day

Meu tee kwam fun kong Neung pen jing
The day that your dreams will come true

Neung:  Kwam fun khong Neung keu gaan tee dai yoo gub Sing ton hak dai hoo bor
The dreams of mine was the need to be with you, did you know that?


  1. Finally it's a HD video!!!!!

  2. ຟັງບໍ່ອອກວ່າຮ້ອງຫຍັງ ແຕ່ວ່ານາງເອກ ແລະ MV ງາມ ເສຍແຕ່ຝົນຕົກຊ້າໂພດ:D

  3. Even though I'm not into this kind of music I think the producer must of have been doing his home work before producing this MV.
    I'm so relief that he/she chooses only the talented & good looking people that can actually sings & act for the Lao MV.
    Thank for an awesome MV!

  4. Let’s keep it real, the MV was good. I loved how it was shot, the story line transitioned nicely and the casting director choose the perfect lead characters. With that being said, the dancing and singing however leaves much to desire. I get it, the dancing in the rain is suppose to be uber sexy and cool and sort of a tribute to Usher but seriously, with all the hype they build up on this guy I was expecting much and I mean MUCH more in terms of his dancing ability. He looks like a lanky stick doing yoga poses in his solo dancing in the rain scene and not the guy that won many dancing competitions. Sure he flashes us but trust me, he didn’t need to because what was underneath did little to make the dancing any better. Perhaps I’m wrong and he really is a great dancer off camera and that only means that they need to do better at capturing his dancing skills on camera. As far as his singing is concerned I didn’t expect too much, I already knew his background was in dancing and not singing. The bottom line: I’m sure, no wait I HOPE, as his popularity increases so will the quality of his dancing and singing. I hope to see more from Mr. Super One and Lao Pride Records (seriously, Lao Pride Records? It just makes me laugh reading out loud in my head because its sooooo creative, not)

  5. "D" I agree with you so much. I liked the music video but the dancing during the rain was really awkward. It didn't look good at all. I don't know much about him but I'm sure he is capable of doing more than what he showed here. I hope he learns to put a better performance next time. Good luck (superone) ^o^

  6. The both of you are a good creditors just like " Roger & Ebert"... hahaha.

  7. ນັກຮ້ອງໄສ່ເຄື່ອງຄືຄົນເສີ້ມອາຫານຢູ່ຮ້ານອາຫານແບບກະຈອກກະຈອກໄພ້ດ
    ຂອງ Sook ຊື່ເພງ " ຄຳຖາມທີ່ແທງໃຈ" ຕີນອ້າຍບ່າວແລ່ນນຳລົດຜູ້ສາວ

  8. I have added the narration story translation to English if anyone is interested in reading it.


  9. Omg. The dancing in the rain was ridiculous. That should have been edited out. I appreciate him trying to be different with his style and music but he needs more dance lessons. I heard he won many dance competitions and not to be rude but Modern dance in Laos isn't great yet. They need real experienced choreographers. His dancing reminds me of a skeleton moving it's arms and legs. Too much weird skinny arm movements and looks like he made all his moves up. Even great dancers need a choreographer. And yes, please look up TAEYANG from YG Entertainment, seems like i know where Super One got his inspiration from. Taeyang is a great singer and one of the best dancers ever. His music is similar to that of super one's. Keep holdin ur chin up and don't let go of ur dreams. I'm sure one day super one will get where he wants to be in his career :)

  10. It's such a great disappointment for Super one MV!! There's too much copy cat from Tae Yang starting from music , fashion, & the dance!
    and most of all, the singer is still wearing braces in his mouth that's only represents NERD all the ways instead of seeing a strong & sexy Lao guy doing an incredible dance moves & singing the one an only Lao originated song, not copy cat from anyone else! Come on man, give me a break will you?:(

  11. thats for the mv, ts kinda good
    but for the music? it gets suck! i dont know whaT ARE YOU SINGING!!!

  12. Aii Neung is so cool! =)

  13. Some of you have questioned why has he won so many trophies in dancing. Well to clear it up he has won trophies in "Break dancing".

    It's very obvious that he is weaker in the hip-hop area. He is known to be a b-boy. I aplogize, we should have made it clearer.

    Hope that clears up everyones questions


  14. Not crazy about singing nor dancing. Job well done for MV though.

  15. good job on his first mv, he will improve has potential

  16. the song is sounds like copy the melody from korea or foreign, which make the lyric and melody is not matching, and the mv is seems like "Day by Day" of BigBang, and some like "Only look at me"of Taeyang.
    for the dance show, it is very SUCK!!!

  17. please follow this will know the best answer...


  18. If we keep complaining like this, we will soon be like a neighboring country, just stop complaining about it, the music industry in Laos has just started, you cant just expect sth like those in the Hollywood.

  19. khod phor khod mae su khon lao num kun su kheu bo soil kun mae su dead wa

  20. YOu know why some of these people keep complaining about this MV coz they are jealous of You! Super One! You are doing a great Job. I love your MV. Keep it up, and hope to see you new MV very soon.

  21. Good job, let'em barking...
    Lao people must go further...
    F**K u who likes to complain but ain't do nothing


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