Saturday, August 28, 2010

Music Lover Top 10 Songs

Music Lover is a radio station in Laos airing every day from 10AM-12PM on Fm 97.25 MHz. They have released their top 10 music chart for the first week of August (2-8). So who placed first? Anita topped the chart with her debut single, "Orn Ae", followed by Buratino with his latest single, "Saow Lai Jai Dai Bor". In third place is Tik Princess's comeback single, "Ya Bork Khao Wa Hao Bor Keuay Huk Gun".

You can view the complete top chart list by the image below. Did your favorite song make the list?

01.) Annita - Orn Ae ອ່ອນແອ

02.) Buratino - Sao Lai Jai Dai Bor ເຊົາຫຼາຍໃຈໄດ້ບໍ່

03.) Tik Princess - Ya Bork Kao Wa Hao Bor Keuay Huk Gun

(MV Not Available)

04.) X-treme - Flirt 

05.) Touly - Sia Khuam Hou Seuk ເສຍຄວາມຮູ້ສຶກ

(MV Not Available)

06.) Lang - Baeb Nee Touk Kung ແບບນີ້ທຸກຄັ້ງ

07.) Meduzia - Saed Huk ເສດຮັກ

08.) Phim - Gor Phor Huk Jao  ກໍເພາະຮັກເຈົ້າ

09.) Genii - Yorm Jai Orn ຍອມໃຈອ່ອນ

10.) May - I Luv U! ຂ້ອຍຮັກເຈົ້າ

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  1. Yark dai pleng Tik Princess - Ya Bork Kao Wa Hao Bor Keuay Huk Gun
    tae bor hou c eao u sai chuay bok nae eao dai u sai.....please.....!


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