Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Annita Releases Second Single!!

It's been awhile since she released her first single but now Annita’s second single “Remember” has finally made its debut. She decided to release this single on her 20th birthday as a gift to her friends and fans. This new song continues the story of her first single, “On Air.” Many of you may remember that there was a preview of “Remember” at the end of the music video for the first single and have been anxiously waiting for the release of her new song. Hopefully, we can finally see who the real "pha aek" is!

"Remember" is a song about someone who is trying to cope with the end of a relationship, but can’t because of the memories that still haunt them. Every memory had a meaning that’s hard for them to forget and it hurts because they are still in love with that person.

The song has an R&B Jazzy feel to it and is a style that’s different from her previous single which was more upbeat and was written by Tar of A'PactS. Personally, I like her vocals a lot better in this song because it shows us a different side to her and more of what she can do with her voice. “Remember” will surely be topping the music charts just like her first single.

And of course, Laopop4u wishes Annita a very happy 20th birthday! We hope that you are successful in everything that you do.

Annita - Remember
Second Single


Lyrics: Remember
Lao lyrics coming soon

Baby, I remember the times together
But we can't go any further

Khoiy fung...Khoiy fung took yang tee pen haed phon tee mee ton nee 
Tee jao bok ma wa yark ja pai
Khoiy yark hoo meua jao mee kao kon mai kon nun tee hoo jai
Terng ja sia jai gor kong tong yom hub mun

Khoiy kao jai wa jao mod huk leo jao nun torng tim gun pai
Berng weo ta jao bor leua yuea yai tae jai bor yorm hub kwam jing

(*) Tae jai yung huk yoo..Jai lerk lerk leo yung huk yoo
Leum bor long por yung kong yoo 
Phab hao yung kid lae mun tid nai kwam song jam
Tae jai yung fung yoo kham wa huk tee keuay hai gun 
Leuang hao tung song jao kong leum mun
Took yang lao nun mun kong bor mee kwam maiy 
Tee koy bor ard ja leum

Koiy fung lae fung ma terng ton job tee jao tong pai khob jai
Yang noy jao eng gor yung keuay huk
koiy yark hoo wa koiy bor ard ja deung ja dun jao wai
Terng jaeb juk tao dai gor kong torng yorm hub mun

Koiy khao jai wa jao mod huk leo jao nun torng tim gun pai
Jao eauy kham la tud bor leua yeua yai tae jai bor yark hub kwam jing

(Repeat * 2x's)

Kam nai jai tee mee wai bor ard leum kham wa huk
Meua jao pai jaeb tao dai koiy eng gor yung torng jam (2x's)

Single Cover: Remember

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  1. ເລິດຫຼາຍ!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Annitar wishes

  3. jung man lerd der pheng ni... sou sou annita

  4. ເພງມ່ວນຫຼາຍເດີ້ !! ຖ້າເບີ່ງມິວສິກວີດີໂອ ຢາກເບີ່ງຫຼາຍ

  5. single cover ງາມອ່ອຍ =)

  6. Not sure about the song, but I always love her chic & classy fashion, especially on cd cover & the navy blue outfit is so unique!:)

  7. ເພງມ່ວນອີຫລີ ຈັ່ງແມ່ນເກັ່ງ ແອນນີຕ້າ ຄັກໆໆໆໆໆໆ ຊື້ງດີຂະຫນາດ

  8. this song is touched my heart

  9. her..............lerd u dr....
    muk torn pai kpy torn nun hun na..........
    sier jao u dr

  10. Hey you usuallly post the lyrics of the songs you post on your blog. Can you add the english lyrics to your post for Anita's - Remember song? please?

  11. you know sometimes i don't understand the lao songs that the lao artist sings because laotian language is a tonal language because some words are pronounced the same but the TONE of it changes so it means something different. like Khao means "white" Khaow means "food/rice", or Kao like kao ma means "come" and there are lots more laos is not a redundant language like other languages.

  12. To the person asking about the lyrics:

    I am planning on making a website for Lyrics to Lao music in the future. Right now I don't have the lyrics to Remember but I will try to get it as soon as possible.

  13. I have added the lyrics now. Enjoy!



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