Monday, August 23, 2010

Super One Music Video Teaser

A photo of Super One on a poster during the 2007 I-Mobile Star Challenge

Super One is the stage name of a B-Boy from Laos who is now becoming a solo singer. He took part in the 2007 I-Mobile Star Challenge which have founded many of our celebrities today. Other notable stars founded by this competition are Toto (Idolz), Run (Idolz), Vj Nutha, and May. He states that his name "Super One" came from the fact that he likes Super Man. He has won many trophies from dance competitions.

Lao Pride Records has officially released the teaser to his new music video, "Sing Neung Tee Yark Khor". The music video was quite impressively done. They even casted such a beautiful nang-aek as well! Of course with him being a b-boy there was a dance routine included. He is seen dancing inside a studio with bright lights in the back. They could have left out the auto-tune in the song though! 

Well this is new to the Lao music scene. A young R&B artist sporting the style of hip-hop, which is very rare. Do you think he will have girls running screaming for him? 

Super One
official MV teaser


  1. ດົນຕີຕອນ teaser ຕົ້ນໆ ແປກໆ ດີ


  3. i can't wait, it sound really good!

  4. he's thinner now..what i recognised is that he did copy similar dance moves from "Only Look At Me" of Tae Young and many MV scenes look a lot like tae young's one, even the dress..pity him

  5. ດົນຕີຕອນ teaser ຕົ້ນໆ ແປກໆ ດີ like one of Tae Young's song that's what meant.

  6. i thaink this mv unprofestional


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