Monday, August 23, 2010

Tik (Princess) Returns

The last we heard about Tik Keopasert was when she released her single, "Leo Jao Ja Sia Jai", in 2009. Now she is back with a new track called, "Ya Bok Khao Wa Hao Bor Keuay Huk Gun". The song title translates out to, "Do not tell her that we never loved each other". It is a continuation of her first single which dealt with a heart broken girl who has been dumped by her boyfriend. 

In an interview Tik is seen with two people at a photo shoot studio. One of them includes a member of the boy band Idolz, Tong. He was the pha-aek in the first music video. This time it seems that someone is getting married as they are all dressed in formal clothing. "I am very excited because I get to wear this tuxedo", says Tong.  

Judging from the short clips I have heard of her new song, it doesn't seem like her new song will be better than her first song. Leo Jao Ja Sia Jai was probably one of the best songs released in 2009 and her new song doesn't live up to that but it is not a bad song at all.

Tik Interview

New Photo shoots!


  1. yark fung pheng ni...bor upload long nae wa hehe

  2. ມີແຕ່ຄົນຫນ້າຕາບູ້ໆແບບນີພໍອອນຊອນນຳຢູ່ດອ່ກແລະການແຕ່ງຕົວຫຼືນຸ່ງ
    ເຄື່ອງພໍເຫັນດີນຳຢູ່. ຂໍໃຫ້ລາວເຮົາຈະເລີນຂຶ້ນຕະຫຼ້ອດໄປ

  3. ຊົງຊິຄັກດີ ດັງແນ່ນອນເພງນີ້ :)

  4. Euay Tik ngarm laii, peum Euay tik sout!
    Pheng ni tong dai un dap neung lair!

  5. ປ່າໂທ. ຫນ້າຕິດຕາມ ຢາກຮູ້ວ່າໃຜສິໄດ້ກັນ ^^

  6. muk dr...........
    yar brk var hao br khery br huk kun.........
    diew ja jeb haha..........
    muk dr
    thar fung u dr....


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