Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taii Remakes "Nahuk"

Taii, a female pop-rock singer from Valentine Music, remade a song called "Nahuk" or "Cute" by an old Lao rock band Unicorn (est. 2006). The song is included in the "Big Family 2" compilation and it is not known if there has been a music video shot yet.

Compared to the original, the song is much more fresh and up-beat. The original might even put you to sleep. Taii puts her own pop-rock twist into it.  It will surely make you want to dance!

We also have created a "Lyric-Video" for this song as well. A lyric video is simply a video of picture(s) accompanied with lyrics to the song to help you sing along. This type of video has become very popular on Youtube as many American artists are now making their own "Official" Lyric Videos (eg. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream).

Taii - Nahuk (Cute)
Valentine Music 2010
Lyric Video

Unicorn - Nahuk
Valentine Music 2006

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  1. Remake of the song's pretty good! it'll be better if put more muscle to it.


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