Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pop duo to promote tourism in Vietnam

Tar "A’PactS" of Kpy Entertainment and Aluna Thavonsouk of Indee Records were selected by the Lao National Tourism Administration to promote tourism in Vietnam. 

The pair will be showcasing Lao culture by singing 8 traditional Lao songs and dancing traditionally in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Both artists are very thankful to be given this opportunity.

Some of these songs will include, "Lao Dueang Deun", "Din Daen Haeng Issara", and "Yen Sabai Xaona". They will also sing their hit singles, "Khuam Hou Seuk Bork" (Aluna) and "Thao Dai Gor Bor Ao" (Tar A'pacts).

The event is due to start on September 29 throughout October 2. 

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Source: Vientiane Times

Din Daen Haeng Issara (Modern Version)
Indee Artists and Various Artists

Yen Sabai Sao Na


  1. good news!! ຍາກເຫັນເມືອງລາວເປັນເມືອງທີ່ຄົນຊາດອື່ນເຫັນເເລ້ວວ່າເປັນເມືອງທີ່ເຕັມໄປດ້ວຍທຳມະຊາດເເທ້ໆ ເເລະຍ້ອງວ່າງາມໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆໆ

  2. Nice photo of the two,accept Tar's makeup is too noticeable, I mean I like the idea of putting some color on the male celebrity's face for photo shoots but at the same time they shouldn't have to look like a Revlon makeup spokes model?

  3. love tar and aluna... good jop

  4. Tourism is good and all, just hope lao people don't let it be run down by them, like in thailand.


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