Sunday, September 12, 2010

Up 2 U's First Single

It's no doubt that 2010 has been dominated by Valentine's Music with as much as 10 music videos released for their artists this year. Adding to their success is a new group of guys who call their selves, Up 2 U, who are one of the many new artists featured in Valentines compilation CD "Big Family 2".

This group has a fashion style different to other Lao boy bands, who tend to like to wear skinny tight jeans with big clown shoes. Ick! This is not the case with Up 2 U. As seen in their newest music video for their new song, "Bun Ya Gard Gao Gao", they are dressed very maturely/classy.

For those who are not fans of slow jams, this may not be the song for you. You may want to consider their other song called, "Oh, My Girl", which is a much faster song with nice beats. But as for me, I prefer their first single instead. You can listen to their songs at the end of this post.


Up 2 U - Bun Ya Gard Gao Gao
(Old Atmosphere)
Valentine Music 2010


01.) Bun Ya Gard Gao Gao

02.) Oh, My Girl


  1. Thanks for sharing the track. Is the second song supposed to be a response to "Oh My Boy" (Ting Phailavanh)?

  2. Oh wow good question. I have no idea but there could be a possibility. I didn't think about that.


  3. ຮື່ເປັນຫຍັງນັກຮ້ອງລາວນັບມື້ແຮງບໍ່ເປັນຕາຟັງ,ປານໃດເພິ່ນຊິເປີດໂຮງ

  4. The boy in a fur jacket is a fashion disaster!
    He should either wear a bow tie , a regular long necktie ,or ribbon tie but not a bow tie with ribbon tie together that's really taggy & retarded!
    Better yet, his out fit will look so much nicer without any types ties at all, it's too over killed!
    Well anyways, the rest of the boys' outfits looked cleverly put together :)

  5. they don't know how to sing , and i don't lao boybands it looks so gay to me

  6. o wow there pretty all good looking..
    i need to give these guys a try..
    do they have there own album??

  7. To all Lao boys STOP singing such a wimpy songs! I want to hear KICK @SS song!!!!

    Lao-teen USA

  8. ສຽງດົນຕຣີໂຫຼຂະນາດໂດຍສະເພາະທີ່ເອົາສຽງ chime ມາປະກ່ອບຕອນຫົວທີ
    ໄຊ້ສຽງອັນນີ້ຢູ່ໃນເພງເປັນຕາຢາກຫົວອີຫຼີ Lao artists are lacking of creativity of individuality!:(


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