Sunday, February 13, 2011

New KPY Artist "B" Releases First Single

Ever since the members of A’PactS decided to go their separate ways, B of A’PactS has finally debuted his first solo single called “Park Kheng” as a special gift to everyone on Valentine’s Day.

It’s a song about being stubborn and not expressing your emotions to the one you love until you realize that it’s too late. He regrets it and doesn’t know the reason why he wasn’t’ able to do so, but he talks about how much he would have loved that person and what he would have done. Now he’s suffering because that person isn’t there anymore because they never knew about the feelings he had.

The song has a nice, slow melody to it at the beginning, but then starts to pick up as the song progresses. It’s an R&B style song and he wrote the song himself with the help of Aluna. He is also now signed with KPY Entertainment.

Single cover:

B (A'pacts)
Park Kaeng / ປາກແຂງ
KPY Entertainment 2011


  1. ໂອ້ ອ້າຍວີນາ ... ປ່ຽນຊົງຜົມເນາະ

    ເພງແນວດຽວກັບ Tar A'pacts ເລີຍ ດັງແນ່ນອນ =)

  2. ai b a'pacts sou sou

  3. Young, talented, bright, hard working, handsome, cute, gentle, well-educated - not to mention his ability to rock and roll, B is all that!

    From KEWYNN ;)

  4. I love the song n the cover is cool ^^ keep up ur good work der KPY n B :)

  5. Wow! This is great! I actually dont understand it... but i love it.

    From Maria carmela PPY

  6. You Rock B...Its Great

    yuko PPY

  7. congrats for ur first solo der ^^ keep on the good work ...

  8. love it and cover look good !

  9. koy mak pheng park kheng

  10. B!! this song is really catchy! even though I have NO IDEA what it means, but it's so nice to listen to it! thanks!! <3

  11. bee!!

    in love with your voice! you sing very well.. :)
    what's this song about anyway?

    park kaeng... por yung park kaeng..

    proud of you B!

    Ajeng Andrarianti IPY

  12. He sounds too girly for his image!

  13. ມ່ວນໆເພງນີ້ນະ

  14. hu boc va soud yod leuy ai bee.....may fung 3 times....i can sing leuy dai ni ^^,

    well-done der ^_______^

  15. pen y bor ao mp3 mar long lery
    thar ao mp3mar long keu c d gua ni khoy var

  16. I like the pic cover so, cool ^^

  17. Like this song can listen anywhere anytime


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