Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lao Entertainment Awards Coming in March

In March the first annual Lao Entertianment Awards for the year 2010 will take place in Vientiane capital. The ceremony is being organised by Infinity Company and will be honoring individuals who have made an impact in the entertainment industry in Laos. 

There will be four categories which are television, artists, print, and radio. Each winner will receive a trophy carved into a shape of a 'Nokarath', a mystical creature with a head of a dragon and a body of a serpent symbolizing peace.

A few videos were already uploaded to the official Lao Entertainment Awards Youtube channel. The videos are interviews of five entertainers from Laos.

The voting system will be available to a wide range of audiences including people living outside of Laos. You may vote via SMS or online on their official website. 

Various Lao Artists and Entertainers

Tee Oudalai
Lao Entertainment Awards interview

Sam Intharapithak 
Lao Entertainment Awards interview

Lao Entertainment Awards interview

Jear Pacific
Lao Entertainment Awards interview

Lao Entertainment Awards interview


  1. i was good for u guy keep doing that till archves !

  2. I want Alexandra to be on the stage in that day 26 march 2011...

  3. wish them good luck!

  4. where can we see the nominations and vote?

  5. @Samantha: press *3333 then call... only for lao telecom...

    Updates news...
    Lao entertainment awards had move from 26 March 2011 to 7 May 2011..

    For more infomation please contact us or keep update:
    facebook: laoentawards
    and our website:


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