Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Alexandra Bounxouei on Mahason Magazine

Pop singer Alexandra has finally made some new appearances in the entertainment business in Laos after taking a couple of years off to pursue education overseas. In recent events, the singer has been seen featured on Mahason's latest issue #107. It is titled, 'Lights, Camera, Alexandra!'.

Besides taking the time to do some photo shoots, Alexandra does a little interview with Mahason. She tells them that she promises her fans that she will have many new works coming soon in the future.

Another appearance that she has made was on the entertainment show 'Zoom Zoom Variety' of which was aired in January. She is invited for an interview a long with a mini game show.

Photo shoots

Zoom Zoom Variety


  1. ຄອຍວັນຮັກຫວນຄືນ ຫະຫະ

  2. alexandra beautiful in those pictures!

  3. She was in my dream last night?

  4. i love you Sandra... waiting for ur new song :)


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