Saturday, September 26, 2009

Introducing new pop rock band LOCKER!

For months I have been wondering who the artist was behind the great song called Kwam Song Jam (ຄວາມຊົງຈໍາ). It was until now that I have found out that they are a pop rock band that goes by the name of LOCKER. They are an all female band consisting of 6 members, NiNou (vocal), Nok (guitar soloist), Catie, Tok (guitar), Poom Phim (base), and Ae (keyboard). These girls are very talented and have such beautiful melodies in their songs. The lead singer has a really sweet vocal as well. I am not sure which record company they are signed with but they give me an indie type of group feel. If you have not yet heard of their songs you may listen to them by the playlist at the end of this post.

Album track list:

1.ຄວາມຊົງຈໍາ (Kwam Song Jam)
2. ຄວາມຊົງຈໍາ part II (Kwam Song Jam part II)
3. ຂໍໂທດ (Khor Thod)
4.ຂອບໃຈ (Khob Jai)
5.ຮັກຝັງໃຈ (Huk Fung Jai)
6.ຄວາມຜິດຫວັງແລະກໍາລັງໃຈ (Kwam Pid Wung Lae Gam Lung Jai)


  1. thanks so much for sharing this group i listened to all of their songs and they're awesome. cant find them on youtube though. but anyways, thanks [:

  2. I Love Locker so...
    especially Nok
    ໄດ້ຟັງເກືອບໝົດທຸກເພງ ຍັງແຕ່ເພງທີ່ 5


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