Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Last Love Music Video

Pull-T Clubs latest music video release is for their single, "Last Love". The song features a beautiful young lady by the name of Mone "Morning Girl". This will make it Pull-T Clubs 4th music video so far.

The music video's setting was shot in a very vibrant green park. Alee and Mone both play the role of the nang ek and pha ek. They are acting as a couple in love flirting with one another as they spend their time together at the park.

Pull-T Club 
Last Love (Ft. Mone)
Indee Records 


  1. ເສັຽໃຈນຳເດີ້ເພງນີ້ບໍ່ມ່ວນກາຍເປັນຕົ້ນແມ່ນສຽງຂອງນັກຮ້ອງຍິງຮັ້ນຫຼະສຽງຂອງລາວມັນຄືສຽງ Alvin & the chipmunksນີ້ນະ.

  2. ສຸດໃຈ ດີໆໆຫຼາຍໆໆໆ

  3. Pretty good music...too much hand movements...lol

  4. MV ງາມດີ. ມັກໆແຫຼະ..........


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