Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cells Release New Single Teaser

Lao rock band, Cells, has unleashed a new single called “A Karn Khong Khon Theuk Thim”. 

A Karn Khong Khon Theuk Thim” means the conditions of a person after being dumped. It is a heartbreak song that talks about the feelings that arise and what happens when someone loses the one they love. It’s about going from being in love, to hearing the fateful words that could cause a person so much pain.

The song starts off with a soft melody and then goes into its rocker mode.

A Karn Khong Khon Theuk Thim / ອາການຂອງຄົ້ນຖືກຖິ້ມ


  1. Cells have not lose their trademark yet! :)

    Lao-teen USA

  2. song is good but ... their single cover is ban nok noi 1 ... sorry to say the truth ....

  3. proud in this brand...!!!! love ceels....laos to be number one...!!

  4. wanna download this song na


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