Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kai Overdance Releases New MV

Just a few days ago we caught a glimpse of Kai's comeback single "Ya Sum Khun Toh Eng" from a teaser that was released onto Youtube. Good news today, the full length video has just premiered!

In the video we get to see a story that focuses on two couples. Kai is also seen in the music video in a beautiful bright red dress. 

The story sets on a guy and a girl who both are the nerdy type. One day a beautiful girl comes along and flirts with the pa'ek. She takes his glasses off trying to give him a make over. He then starts to fall in love with her charms. The nang ek catches all this while it is happening and she is not too happy. She walks away from him and sits outside where then another guy comes along. 

Before any of this happened, you can see that the nang ek gave the pa'ek a necklace with a heart on it as a gift. Guess what he does to it? He gives it away to that new girl that flirted with him. Messed up right?

Watch Kai's new music video below!

Kai Overdance
Ya Sum Kun Toh Eng
Indee Records


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