Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GB2 Duo Reveals Debut MV

The new duo to the music scene from PMK Records has revealed the full length music video to their debut single, 'Kid Jum Gud Kong Khuam Jeb'.

The boys showcase their dance moves in various scenes in the music video with out door scenes and inside with flashy cool lights. 

Also included in the video is a story of a guy who catches his girlfriend cheating on him. He finds her walking around the block one day with another guy. When he tries to call her and find out what's going on all she does is ignores his calls.

In the end he finds her with the guy she's cheating on him with. Things get ugly when the two guys yanks her towards each other. OUCH! Finally the guy breaks up with her in the end and moves on with another girl.

PMK Records


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