Sunday, September 27, 2009

Temple Guys album photo

I posted earlier a new single that Temple Guys had released but here is how the actual album looks like. For those who would like to purchase the album I'm afriad it's not sold online but only available to those who live in Laos.

I would like to give credits to for providing the photos. Thanks!

1. ກິ່ມ (Kim) ອຸນພາວັນ ແສງດາວັນ “ຮ້ອງນຳ”
2. ແຂກ (Khaek) ອານຸສິດ ປະຖຳມະວົງ “ກອງ/ຫົວໜ້າວົງ”
3. ຕ໋ອງ (Tong) ທຳນົງເດດ ນາລິສັກ “ເບດສ”
4. ຕ້ຳ (Tam) ອະພິລຸນ ຫຼ້າບຸນຕາ “ກິຕ້າ”
5. ເລັ້ງ (Laeng) ສີສະຫວັນ ຈັນທະຈັກ “ຄີບອດ໌”

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