Monday, September 28, 2009

Learn more about L.O.G; radio promotion

L.O.G was interviewed on Channel 3 and were asked to talk about one another. There were only 2 members that showed up which were Aleq's and Anny. According to Aleq's, when forming the group L.O.G, there were around 40-50 girls who tried out for the female spot. They eventually found something very special about Anny. Aleqs then joked that Anny did not fall out from the heavens but just fell into their front yard. They are so humorous! Anny then said that Aleq's was very hard working and would call her to come and help write music. When asked if Aleq's wrote the song Huk, "I only thought of the concept for the song". They are currently working on writing the storyline for the new music video for 'Pheng Huk'. So please look out for that!


Photos from their radio promotion for Huk:



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