Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New KPY Entertainment; Touly release new album

There are only a few record companies that I am familiar with in Laos and they are Indee Records, Valentine Music, and C-Star. Now comes a new and fresh company that goes by the name of KPY Entertainment, or KhomPanYa (ຄົມ​ປັນຍາ) Entertainment. The only artists I know that they have are Touly and May. I am curious in what they have to offer. I wish them luck with helping the music industry in Laos.

Touly Release New Album

Touly is back and this time she has switched from Valentine Music to the new KPY Entertainment. The album is entitled "The Way I Am". She has currently released two singles to radio stations. The first single is Jark Pai Duay Nam Ta (ຈາກ​ໄປ​ດ້ວຍ​ນ້ຳຕາ) and Be My Chocolate. She has released her music video for ຈາກ​ໄປ​ດ້ວຍ​ນ້ຳຕາ.


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