Saturday, February 23, 2013

JoJo Debuts His Music Video


 Rookie singer to Indee Records JoJo has released his music video for his debut single, "Huk Gun Wun Nee".   The video was released just a day ahead of valentines perfect for the special love day.

His music video tells a story of Jojo and a girl. At the beginning of the video we see that things arent going too well with the couple. They are seen having an argument of some sort.

As time goes by the nang ek start to think back in time about the things they did when they were still a couple. Little by little she begins to miss him.

 One day she goes to eat out alone and she sees a couple getting all lovey dovey and she realizes how much she really does miss her boyfriend. She runs halfway across town over the bridge where she finds him looking towards the horizon. He surprises with her with flowers and a ring!


Huk Gun Wun Nee
Indee Records


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