Friday, January 25, 2013

Tommy Master Debuts Music Video

New debut solo artist known as "Tommy Master" has premiered his debut first single entitled "Khon Bor Sum Khun".  Tommy is signed to BN Entertainment. What makes Tommy unique from most Lao singers is his soulful R&B voice that is soothing to hear.

The video tells a story about a young lady who, in the beginning of the video, is dumped by her boyfriend. She is left heartbroken. She is seen taking pregnancy tests throughout the video and the results say that she's pregnant. 

She's unsure why her boyfriend broke up with her out of the blue so she tries to call him numerous of times. At one point her boyfriends other "girlfriend" picks up the phone and both are clueless of who each other are. 

Little does she know that the girl who picked up is the girl that her now ex-boyfriend is going to marry. We find out about the wedding when the pha'ek hands the girl a wedding invitation.

 Tommy Master
Khon Bor Sum Khun
BN Entertainment 


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