Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Indee Artist "JOJO"


Indee Records new artist JoJo made his way from just singing cover songs on Youtube to becoming a new inspiring singer in the Lao music industry. His debut single was released just yesterday on December 18th and is titled, "Huk Gun Wun Nee" meaning "Love each other today".

His debut single "Huk Gun Wun Nee" is a song that describes what the singer believe is the meaning of "Love". By describing love, he hopes that he can get the girl that he wants to love him back.

The song overall is a very fun and enjoyable song that everyone can relate to. His soulful R&B voice is a unique sound that is a rare find in the Lao music industry. Listen to JoJo's debut single below with the lyric video we posted up on Youtube!

Huk Gun Wun Nee
2012 Indee Records

Lighters cover


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