Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pull-T Club Releases 5th Music Video

After four successful singles, the hip hop group Pull-T Club is back to release yet another music video for their song 'Lhong' or ຫລົງ. The song is about wanting to show love for someone even though they know very well that the person they love is in a relationship already.

In the music video it tells a story of girl who is a player. The boys from Pull-T all fall for her charming looks and end up sneaking to see her when her boyfriend is not around. Little did they know that they were all being played until the end of the music video when they all share pictures on their cellphones. 

Pull-T Club
Lhong | ຫລົງ
Indee Records 2011


  1. taeng to kue boy band nor vong ni ..

  2. Who's the girl that featuring in this song??

  3. duek vong cells look cool in this video:)

  4. hihihi long thea2


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