Sunday, October 04, 2009

M.A.Y release new single!

I'm sure most of you have watched the music video for Aluna's 'Kwam Hoo Seuk Bok'. Now do you guys remember the girl who played the actress? Well she is now a singer that is signed with the new KPY Entertainment. Her stage name is M.A.Y. The first single she released is called 'Tao Nee Kor Por Jai'(ເທົ້ານີ້ກໍ່ພໍໃຈ).


Full Name: ເມລະອອງ ສີຊານົນ
Nickname: May
D.O.B: 02.04.1992
Company: KPY Entertainment

She participated in the Star Challenge, was a presenter, model, and starred as the actress in Aluna's MV.

A quick teaser of her song:

Listen to the full version here:

Thank you KPY for providing the video and photos.


  1. hi i am KPY entertainment manager. thanks for your post about our artists news. i would like to contact you to support information about our artists to you in order for you to help us post on the internet. please give me your email. and send me this email waiting for your reply thanks so much

  2. wow this is an awesome song! Love it!!!!!!!!


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