Friday, May 28, 2010

Touly No Longer With KPY?

It seems like Touly has left KPY Entertainment as you can see with this music video. She left for personal reasons as I've been told. To be honest I think she lost a great opportunity since KPY is a really good company that produces great music besides Indee Records, which is their biggest competition right now. Just look at how they helped May and Vj Anita become artists.

Her new song she just released is yet another slow jam called "Dee Bor Phor". For me it's just an 'alright' track but who knows depends on what kind of music you enjoy, right? I prefer her two other songs, "Jark Pai Duay Namta" and "Be My Chocolate". Maybe the songs she was made to record weren't her style? I wonder who is she signed with now?

Touly - "Dee Bor Phor"

Older music:


  1. ຄຶດຜິດໃຫຍ່ຫລວງແລ້ວລະ ຈຂບ ຫະຫະ

  2. Never like any of her songs and she looks so retarded with the braid across her forehead even though is suppose to be a hi-pi look. The way most of Lao girls wears it looked so weird & awkward.

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