Monday, September 06, 2010

Genii Opens a Fanclub Site

Girl group trio Genii has been very quiet lately with little news about them. That's all about to change. The girls have announced that their second single is coming out very soon! The title of the song is "Ngao", or Lonely.

Something tells me this is going to be yet another slow pop song. Come on Genii! Release a song that will make people dance! Your image is young and fresh and that is the type of music we expect from a group like you. Please do not make another sappy slow love song! Let's just wait and see... who knows I could be proven wrong.

The girls also now has a new fan site for people who want to keep updated with Genii. The site is written in Lao characters and you will need to be able to read Lao to navigate. If not, you can try to navigate the best you can!

Genii Fanclub Site

Message from Genii:

Rough translation 
(not quite accurate)

"You guys have listened to our song "Yorm Jai orn" and it has made us "Jai Orn" now. We are about to release our second single for you to listen coming very soon. Our second single has the name of "Ngao" and it is a song that is very easy to listen to. Right now it is in the process of completion. We want everyone to wait patiently and it wont take much longer. "


  1. Nooooo....not another slow song.

  2. Pleng 'ngao' man bor pleng mai hun ei ei

  3. ^Yes that's correct. I think they have already shoot the music video too :)


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