Monday, September 20, 2010

Pull-T Debuts New Album, "I See"

The debut album of Pull-T Club has finally hit the markets in Laos titled, "I SEE". The hip-hop group from Indee Records are made of four members, "Sydz", "Alee", "Kone", and "Big Lu".

In the summer Pull-T had already released 2 music videos, "First Love" and "Sak". Adding to that are 6 fresh new songs including hits like "Lonely" and "Hom", which can be found on their Youtube channel. 

Pull-T kindly asked on their Hi5 for all their fans in Laos to go out and buy a copy and support them! We would also like to wish Pull-T Club the best of luck with their new album! 

Tracklist: (Not in order)
1.) Lonely
2.) Yah Lae
3.) Khoiy Bor Dee
4.) Bor Yark Son Gub Phou Ying
5.) Pull-T is beyond
6.) Hom
7.) First Love
8.) Sak
9.) Last Love ft. Mone
10.) Lhong

Pull T Club - Album Cover
Indee Records 2010
(Credit: Pull T Club @ Hi5)

Lonely & Hom

To listen to their new songs visit their Official Youtube channel:

Album Promotions:



  1. Too weak with beginner's instrumental sound affect engineering!:(

  2. ເພງ ຫອມ ຮັບຮອງວ່າຕ້ອງສຸດຍອດ!


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