Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tik's Second Music Video

A year ago Tik debuted as a solo singer with her first single, "Leo Jao Ja Sia Jai", where it hit many top charts in Laos. She has officially returned with a new single, "Ya Bork Khao Wa Hao Bor Keuay Huk Gun". Just like her first song, it was written by the lead vocalist of rock band Cells, Sack

The song continues the story from her first single where she was left heart broken by her unfaithful boyfriend (played by Tong from Idolz). 

In the music video you learn that Tik and her ex-boyfriend were just getting ready to get married until he leaves her for another girl. Tik then pays a little visit to Tong during his date with his new girl friend. She throws the ring in his face at the restaurant. 

At the end, she tosses the photo's they took during their wedding photo shoot in his apartment room where his current girlfriend then finds his dirty little secret. 

Overall, the song was written beautifully. The only concern is they should have worked on the chorus a bit more. Her voice seemed a bit strained during some of the verses. Tik looked beautiful in the music video! 

Tik (Princess) - Ya Bork Khao Wa Hao Bor Keuay Huk Gun
Indee Records 2010

This one is a bit louder:

New Photo shoot

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  1. thanks for sharing..i Love the Song so badly ^^


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