Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tik Princess Performs in Pattaya Music Festival

Our very own Tik Princess was invited to perform in Pattaya, Thailand's annual international music festival in mid-March. She was one of the many artists from all over Asia selected to perform and even was invited to appear on the show "Khon Doo Pen Yai" in Thailand.

In a fan cam uploaded to Youtube, Tik Princess performs her first hit single "Leo Jao Ja Sia Jai". An official recording of her performance has not yet been uploaded to Youtube. 

Tik Princess
Leo Jao Ja Sia Jai | ແລ້ວເຈົ້າຈະເສຍໃຈ

Pattaya International Music Festival 2011


  1. Good job! you're very sexy, cheer cheer..

  2. oh, Tik is getting prettier and prettier, are any other songs she sang there?

  3. ຄົນກະງາມ ຮ້ອງເພງກະມ່ວນ ເປັນກຳລັງໃຈໃຫ້ເດີ້ ສູ້ໆ ສ້າງຜົນງານດີໆອອກສູ່ສັງຄົມລາວເຮົາ.

  4. She sang New Me, ແລ້ວເຈົ້າຈະເສີຍໃຈ and ບໍ່ຮັກເຈົ້າແລ້ວ
    Wish I had the videos though...


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