Monday, April 04, 2011

Lao Artists Collaborate to Sing for Japan

A few weeks ago pop singer Aluna released a song that she wrote to help spread awareness to Lao people to help show support for the Japan tsunami survivors. A newer version has just been recorded.

Many Lao artists have collaborated with Aluna to help sing this beautiful song about 'the true happiness'. These artists includes Lady, Buratino, Namtao, Sam Intharaphithak, Black Eyes, Tar A'pacts, etc.

If you thought the original song was beautiful wait until you listen to this new one! With the help of the many beautiful Lao artist voices, the newer version is just spectacular!

 Let us all pray for Japan and let them dream and rise once again!


  1. ມ່ວນແລະຈັບໃຈດີ!=)))

  2. ຮ່ວມມືກັນດີຫລາຍ ຊົມເຊີຍ ນັກຮ້ອງລາວທຸກຄົນມີສຽງເປັນເອກະລັກຂອງໃຜລາວເນາະ

  3. ເວີຊັນນີ້ມ່ວນຫຼາຍ ຂໍຊົມເຊີຍສິລປິນທຸກທ່ານ!

  4. Tous les artistes interprète sont sans pareil, Il est dommage que je ne pouvais pas avoir une chance de voir


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