Saturday, May 28, 2011

2nd LaoPop4u Anniversary

Wow! Today marks the 2nd anniversary of LaoPop4u since we first started back in the year 2009! It's been such a fun experience for both of the authors who help keep LaoPop4u alive and running.

Since starting out we have been able to meet so many friendly people. Lao artists have also been so supportive of our website by helping to spread it.

It all began in 2009 with the hopes of one individual to help support the small and ever growing Lao music industry. After many failed attempts at searching for a perfect website to keep me updated with Lao music, it finally hit me one day, "Hey, I should make one myself!". From then on this blog was born.

LaoPop4u in 2009

LaoPop4u in 2010

Although we started off a little slow with barely 7,000 hits in 2009, our blog grew drastically in 2010 when we achieved 108,000 hits for that year. 

In 2011 we hit an even bigger defeat, we reached 100,000 hits in just 5 months in the year with still 7 more months to go! We couldn't have done that without you! Thanks guys!

Yearly Hits

LaoPop4u mentioned on ZoomZoom Variety
one of our proudest moments was when our blog 
was mentioned onto Lao Star Tv by singer B' A'pacts

Words from the author:

I would like to thank every one who visits our blog daily and help keep this place running to become the number one source for your Lao music updates. I couldn't ask you guys for more than this! For all the Lao artists who have shown support for LaoPop4u, thank you SO much for sending in things for us to promote. We will continue to support Lao music for all Lao people to help our industry become international standards. 


  1. Some Lao girl from AmericasMay 28, 2011 at 8:52 PM

    Your welcome and thank you for the website, hao ja bor leum peng Lao :)

  2. Congratulation to laopop4u for your 2nd anniversary !
    Keep on good working !

    Warm greeting from Samakomlao website !

  3. congratulations LaoPop4U you are doing a very great jobb and i wish for all the success to you and this website.

    putting Lao people on the map = )


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