Friday, May 06, 2011

G-Bloodz Release 'Tao Boun Tun' MV Teaser

Hip Hop group G-Bloodz is getting ready to release their music video for their latest hit single 'Tao Boun Tun' and have just uploaded a music video teaser on their Facebook account. 

In the short seconds of the video, it shows the story of the fictional character 'Bountun' as he turns from being caged from his parents into a troublesome kid as he starts to rebel away from them. Some clips show him stealing money from his mothers purse and joining in a gang beating. 

Tao Boun-tun | ທ້າວບຸນຕັນ
MV Teaser

If the embed video does not work please continue via this link:


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  2. G Bloodz fan clubMay 8, 2011 at 1:05 AM

    Oil Jang man keeee mo nor. Bon Ni pen Bon Lom kan Wa ? Au&ust ! Het wao nan wao Ni u. Bor Mee phai Yhak hu Jak dork :( nee man Born post kong G Bloodz. Khan yak Lom Khan la phai Lom Khan u ban phai! :/

  3. G Bloodz fan clubMay 8, 2011 at 1:10 AM

    We toooo love Boun Tan Song ! It's real life in some families and teaching lao young how to make their life going on better ! Cheer u the best songs next like Boun Tan song !

  4. fan g-bloodz kue gunMay 8, 2011 at 8:41 AM

    fan club g-bloodz hun na bor tong vao hai august or phai dork :) ka jao mi sit vao ka jao pen kone h Mv .. korb jai

  5. Heyyy G-Blodz .. Nice song yo!
    Canada here ! :p

  6. ຄືບໍ່ຢຽບ ໄອໂຟນສີ ໃຫ້ມັນແລ້ວສະເດະ = ="
    ຈຶ່ງຊິໄດ້ເປັນ hiphop ແບບອິນເຕີ້ເຕັມຮ້ອຍ ຮ່ະ ຣ໋ະຣ໋ະ

  7. old school of new school hiphop haha

  8. I m also G-Bloodz fan
    Cheer you guyz

  9. Go G-Bloodz!!!!

  10. ປ່າໂທ້ຊິໃດ້ເບິ່ງເພງຂອງເພິ່ນກະຕ້ອງມີພິທີພິຖັນປານນີ້ພຸ້ນຫວາ????
    ເຮັດແບບເລື້ອດຫຼາຍໂລດຜົນປານນີ້ ຫຼືວ່າເງິນໂດລ້າຂອງພວກເຈົ້າມັນລົ້ນທະນາ
    ຄານແລ້ວຫວາຈຶ່ງໃຫ້ເບິ່ງແບບຍ້າກໆຈັ່ງຊິ້. ຄັນຄົນລາວເຮົາເຮັດຫຍັງມັນຢາກ
    ຕ່າງຊາດໂລດນໍ້!!!!ແຮະ ແຮະ ແຮະ


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