Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tot-Lina Releases 'Nightmare' Music Video

Finally after what felt like a long wait after releasing her short teaser we are able to watch the full length music video of Tot-Lina's first hit single, "Nightmare". Members of Xtreme Toh and Pao both make appearances in the video for their rap solo's.

The music video was shot in several different locations such as a garage, theater, a hallway, and some outdoor shots. Throughout the video Tot-Lina and her backup dancers showcases different choreographies.

Is she just dreaming or is she having a nightmare that is effecting her in the real world? Tot-Lina witnesses her ex cheating on her with a new girlfriend and she's not very happy about that! At the ending of the video you'll get to see the fierce side of her. 

MV Screenshots

Nightmare (ຝັນຮ້າຍ - Fun Hai)
Kpy Entertinment 2011