Friday, October 07, 2011

Jear Releases New Teaser

In April Jear Pacific came back with a single called 'Gai Tuk Konh' and now six months later he is back to bring us yet another new song! This time he is bringing a different style of music for us. 

His previous song was more on the 'Loug Tong' kind of style but now he's doing a more modern single. It features a new Indee Record artist by the name of Xai (ໄຊ). She's a cutie isn't she? The song is called 'Gud Kheo Sou'. We get to hear him rap too!

Jear Pacific
Gud Kheo Sou | ກັດແຂ້ວສູ້
Indee Records


Gai Teuk Konh MV