Friday, October 07, 2011

New Single Teaser By Flip L.O.G

Finally we get to hear some new work from one of Laos' first hip-hop groups, L.O.G! This new song was done by only one of L.O.G's members though which is Flip. 

The song is called Imperfect and features a female singer singing the chorus, Tik Mona. She has sung for Over Dance's song 'Music Zone'. 

'Imperfect' is a song about not being perfect. He feels that because he's a bad boy and doesn't have the perfect body size that his girlfriend doesn't like him. The girl then says she doesn't care about any of that stuff  and all that matters is that they love each other!

Flip L.O.G ft. Tik Mona
Imperfect (Mp3 Teaser)
Indee Records