Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boxer Release Full MV "Tarng Hua Jai"


The full length music video of Boxer's latest hit, "Tarng Hua Jai", has finally been uploaded onto their official Youtube channel. We got to get a glimpse of the video last week when the band uploaded a teaser. 

Boxer's new music video tells a heartbreaking story of two young teenagers who were once in love. The guy leaves his girlfriend for someone else to later find out that this girl is already talking to another guy. 

One day he runs into his ex-girlfriend at a cafe where she's seen modelling for a photoshoot. He runs out of the restaurant back home and writes on his mirror, "I love her, I'm crazy, I'm stupid".

Overall, this is probably one of our favorite songs from Boxer. The video was shot beautifully and professionally. Very well done.

Tarng Hua Jai | ທາງຫົວໃຈ
Lao Pride Records 2011