Thursday, November 24, 2011

Boxer 'Tarng Hua Jai' MV Teaser

(Credit: Joniex Facebook)

Rock band Boxer has now released their newest music video teaser for their single "Tarng Hua Jai" that was released a few months ago in August. "Tarng Hua Jai" is a sad song about feeling that they've chosen the wrong path and knows that it's too late to turn back to the one they love. 

At first glimpse of this 38 second teasor, I was quite impressed with the the overall quality of the music video. It was shot beautifully with the use of a stabilizer. The orange coloring fit well with the style of the band making it look like a real band music video.

The video will be telling a story of two young teenagers. It seems like the pha'ek is feeling a bit sad! We will have to wait until December 1st for the full length music video to release.

Tarng Hua Jai | ທາງຫົວໃຈ (MV Teaser)
Lao Pride Records

Lyric Video: