Thursday, November 03, 2011

Ton Aniloud Official MV "Hoy Huk"

Ton Aniloud, known for his hit single "Phor Suk See", has released his official music video for his newest single, "Hoy Huk". 

"Hoy Huk" is a song about being lonely from the absence of their lover. He misses being able to hug her and holding her hand. 

The story takes off with the pa'ek giving a gift to the nang ek before she leaves to go study abroad in Las Vegas, USA. When she arrives to her destination she opens up the gift and finds out that it's a bracelet. Each day passes and they think about their past experiences. 

Ton Aniloud
Hoy Huk | ຮອຍຮັກ
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