Monday, December 12, 2011

Cells Release New Music Video

Check out this new release of Cells new song called "Bard Pae" meaning "wounded". It is the official sound track song for upcoming new Lao film, "At the Horizon" (Lao New Wave Cinema Production).

In our opinions, it is one of Cells best work so far. The music video shows Cells in a silhouette form and playing various clips from the film. 

The movie features a Lao singer as the lead, Kataiy. For those who may have not heard of him, Kataiy is a singer who released his single in 2010 with the song "Khon D Tee Jao Bor Huk".

Watch the music video for the sound track "Bard Pae" and the official trailer to the film "At the Horizon" below.

For more information to this film, visit their official Facebook Fanpage:

Bard Pae | ບາດແຜ
At the Horizon (ປາຍທາງ) Ost. Sountrack 2011

Official At the Horizon Trailer