Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Official Music Video for Aluna's Newest MV

The music video for Aluna's "Ladoo Garn T Bor Mee Jao" has officially been released to the public! This song was released in October and has received great reviews from her fans! Aluna also asked her fans to vote for the name of her single of which "Ladoo Garn T Bor Mee Jao" won.

Her music video features one of Xtreme's members, Tou. The actress is played by Annita's little sister, Peggy. They play the roles of two complete strangers in which one day changes their lives dramatically. 

The video opens with Peggy talking on the phone while driving. Tou then walks out onto the cross walk and then he gets hit by her! Ouch! So then he becomes blind leaving Peggy to watch over him while he heals. 

One day he tells her that he wants to see what she looks like. Peggy decides that she doesn't want him to know and she leaves right after he gets his vision back.

At the end, two years passes by. The two bump into each other but Tou doesn't realize that the girl he just bumped into was the girl that took care of him at the hospital! 

Ladoo Garn T Bor Mee Jao | ລະດູການທີ່ບໍ່ມີເຈົ້າ