Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Black Eyes Release New Music Video

Black Eyes third music video since signing with Lao Pride Records has finally premiered onto Youtube! The single is called "Khor Tod T Long Pid", meaning "Sorry for doing wrong" in English.

The video focuses on a guy who is a "player". He cheats on his girlfriend while going to see other girls. 

One day him and his girlfriend are walking on the streets and he see's a guitar that he likes. His girlfriend decides to buy the guitar for him as an anniversary gift.

When she goes to give him the gift, she finds out that he's on a date with another girl. She then leaves the guitar on his front porch with a letter. When the guy see's it on his front porch, he runs to apologize to her. 

Did she forgive him? Or did she reject him? Watch the music video to find out!

Black Eyes 
Khor Tod T Long Pid | ຂໍໂທດທີ່ຫຼົງຜິດ
Lao Pride Records