Friday, March 09, 2012

Raid Game Releases First Music Video 'Sabai Sabai'


 Rap group 'Raid Game' has dropped their music video for their debut single, "Sabaiy Sabaiy". The group is signed by Indee Records. Their first single features well known rapper 'Aleqs' from L.O.G.

The song is about living the happy life without any troubles and that is what the music video is all about. The video starts off with the guys in a jeep just having a blast. Then they see this beautiful girl that melts their heart. 

Overall, the music video is very relaxing and fun to watch. Check it out below!

Raid Game (ft. Aleq's)
Sabai Sabai | ສະບາຍ ສະບາຍ
Indee Records 2012