Monday, May 07, 2012

Tar A'Pacts - "Touk Yarng Kao Jai" Music Video


 Last September in 2011 Tar of A'pacts released his music video for his single, "Khor D Khor Sia". At the end of that music video we were left hanging. The second part to the music video has now been released as Tar's new music video for "Touk Yarng Khao Jai" continues the story further more.

We were left wondering where Tar had gone in the first music video. The lead heroine, V.Na, panics as she worries where Tar has gone. It is revealed that Tar is perfectly fine and he comes to comfort a crying V.Na. 

In this music video, it is showing the path to recovery for Tar not just physically but emotionally as well. His wounds are healing from the accident he got into. 

He has also learned to let go of the girl that he once loved. He begins to realize how much V.Na cared about him and watched him during the time he was wounded. 

In the end he needs to make a choice between his ex-girlfriend, who comes back to him, or V.Na. Who does he choose? Watch the music video and find out the answer!

Tar A'Pacts
Touk Yarng Khao Jai | ທຸກຢ່າງເຂົ້າໃຈ
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