Saturday, June 06, 2009

The members of Idolz

As most of you may know Idolz is Indee Records first boy band. Here are some facts about them.

Name: Run
Birthdate: 2-20-1987 (21 yrs)
Fact: Was part of I-Mobile Star Challenge in 2007


Name: ToTo
Birthdate: 10-15-1987 (21 yrs)
Fact: Was also part of I-Mobile Star Challenge in 2007


Name: Ae
Birthdate: 06-23-1990 (18 yrs)
Fact: Discovered in a singing competition at school.


Name: Dono
Birthdate: 06-14-1990 (18 yrs)
Fact: Was featured in the Princess music video "Hoo seuk yang dai". Speaks Lao, English, French, and Spanish.


Name: Ta
Birthdate: 03-19-1991 (17 yrs)
Fact: B-Boying, Beatbox, and plays drums.


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