Sunday, January 10, 2010

Phor Suk See MV and Tik's Interview with Tolakom

I'm not very familiar with Ton Aniloud but here is his most recent music video. The song is called Phor Suk See and was composed by Tee Oudalai which I found interesting because it sounded like Tee's other songs. It is from the album Modern Rock II.

Recently Tik took the time to be interviewed again on another TV show called Tolakom. She tells us she performed at a new year concert with Tigo and about her future career in this business. She thanks her fan club for supporting her as well. I wonder if she will put out an album for us soon?


  1. ມັກຫຼາຍໆ update ອິກເດີ້ ຈະຕິດຕາມ ^^

  2. ເພງ ເພາະສັກສີ ໜ້າຈະເຮັດ MV ອອກມາໃຫ້ແຟນເພງໄດ້ເບິ່ງ


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