Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hot New Music Video From Lady

Most of you who are familiar with Lady knows that she was once a member of A'pacts. Well this next music video that she has just released was a single from her debut album. The single is called 'Soot Tee Huk'. The music video gives me a drama lakorn kind of vibe. Wouldn't this make a good story? So the music video deals with Lady who is in love with a man but they don't know that they both love each other! Lady gets frustrated when she has to put up with another couple who are so lovey dovey with each other! That couple was so cute and funny. At the end Lady finds out that the guy who she has a crush on really does love her with the help of the janitor. Overall I personally think this is one of the best Lao music videos to date. Enjoy!


  1. I'm confused, if it's Laos pop why is it all in Thai ? or is actually pop from north thailand near laos ?

  2. It is the Lao language. Are you familiar with how proper Lao is spoken?


  3. Cute song and even cuter MV, this must be one of the better quality Lao’s MV’s I’ve seen in ages!


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