Sunday, October 23, 2011

Aluna Releases MV Teaser

After being able to hear Aluna's new single release the last couple of days, we now get know what her new single title is and even get a preview of the music video release!

Aluna asked her fans what they wanted her new single to be called. She received tons of submissions but the title with the most votes was "Ladoo Garn Tee Bor Mee Jao".

There's also been a music video teaser released as well! It stars one of Xtreme's member, Tou. From watching the video, it looks as it will be telling a tragic story of two young lovers. A terrible accident seems to be a reason for this as we see Tou in the hospital!

Ladoo Garn T Bor Mee Jao
MV Teaser